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    For B+LNZ Genetics Breeders

Sheep breeders in New Zealand can now use pureFarming to capture, organise, and deliver their data to the B+LNZ Genetics SIL system, and deer farmers can use pureFarming to deliver data to the Deer Select database.

pureFarming lets you get away from shuffling spreadsheets and CSV files, and instead focus on collecting useful data and assessing performance.

Bring data in directly from your scales and EID readers

Tag weights and other observations with their SIL or Deer Select trait codes and check for outliers or other errors

Approve your data for use in the SIL or Deer Select database and have pureFarming deliver it automatically

Build draft lists based on a variety of criteria and use these to select animals in the yards, or download them to your equipment

We’re working with B+LNZ Genetics to let you sign into pureFarming with your new SIL System username and password.

Until that time, you can trial our standard system, or leave your details below and we’ll contact you when full integration is ready.

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